Welcome to NASCAR Hottiez- the only site where you have a say in who we spotlight and feature! We're thrilled to finally present our new website to you all. We've been working hard gathering pictures and information about your favorite hottiez in NASCAR.

A few things to remember:

The Hottiez list and Spotlight are the sole opinions of the Hottiez Girlz. While we may take suggestions from time to time, it is ultimately our decision on who we feature each month in our Hottiez Spotlight.

NO driver bashing will be allowed. If you hate a driver so much that the sight of him make you throw up a little, we don't care! The purpose of this site is to feature some hott men, not to bash them. If you want to driver bash, write a blog.

Genesis is the sole creator of the site, but Ashley deserves the Hottiez credit as creator of the NH. We've both worked hard to maintain the good standing of NH.

Don't see your favorite hottie on the list? As long as he's not in our "Nottiez" list, you can feel free to submit a nomination form on the contact page. Remember, nominees are inducted solely based on their hottness as Ash and Gen determine.

What is a WAG? WAG is the term often used for NASCAR wives and girlfriends. What kind of NASCAR site would we be if we didn't feature a little eye candy for the guys as well?

Have a great time crusing the site and don't forget to add us on Myspace and become a fan on Facebook!